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69 Years old with Fibromyalgia and Low Back Pain

Having Fibromyalgia and low back, hip and knee arthritis I was suffering with severe neck and low back pain, and for the past 2 years I could not even drive my car. After receiving treatment for a month from Doctor Constantinos, I can finally drive my car and also now I can move much better and do simple things like bend forward to pick up my groceries. 

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50 years old with Sciatica

When I was 17 years old I had a minor injury which left me with sciatica and low back pain for the past 30+ years and I had this pain constantly almost every day. I coped with it all this year because I thought that I couldn't get any better, but after receiving chiropractic treatments I don't have the constant pain down my leg or any other pain anymore.

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40 years old with Headaches and Neck Pain

For the past couple of years I had, every other day, episodes of dizziness, headaches and neck pain that lasted the whole day, which made my everyday life very hard. Since I have been getting treated I had weeks without headaches and even when I had a headache it did not last all day and was milder in intensity. I have been seeing Doctor Constantinos once every month to maintain the results and to prevent the headaches from coming back.

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36 years of age with acute sports injury

I booked my appointment with Dr Constantinos after I had a muscle injury whilst doing deadlifts at the gym. I couldn't even stand upright from the pain, but after only a few treatments I was back to my normal gym sessions and I now have a better posture, and I am more in control of my body and how to prevent any further injuries.

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