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What To Expect?

For women, pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey. Undoubtedly, women throughout their pregnancy go through many emotional and tremendous physical changes and they need to know how to act in a way to have a happy and healthy nine months.
During this time the gravid uterus as it increases in size it causes stress or a change in load on the lower back spine and pelvis, and to accommodate to it’s growth, it increases the laxity of the pelvic ligaments.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pelvic Girdle Pain

This change can result in compensatory postural changes (e.g. an increase in low back curvature) and increased movement of the pelvis, which makes it easier to develop pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain.
The most common risk factors for pelvic-girdle pain:

  • History of low back pain or pelvic girdle pain

  • Previous  trauma to the pelvis or low back spine

  • Physical demanding work (e.g., twisting and bending the back several times per hour per day)

  • Previous pregnancies

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How To Deal With Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, only a small number of painkillers is recommended and oftentimes it does not even get completely rid of the pain, so the question that arises is; how can you deal with pain during pregnancy?
Chiropractors are trained and equipped to treat pregnant women, and many women report significant pain relief as a result of chiropractic treatment. This type of care is usually safe and an effective practice during pregnancy. Not only can it help manage pain in your back, hips, and spine, but it can also establish pelvic balance.
Therefore, chiropractors often work with midwives, health visitors and lactation consultants for the benefit of the pregnant women but also to help mothers recover after delivery.


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