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Suffering From Hip Pain?

The main function of the hips is to keep us upright by supporting the weight of the body, but also to walk, run and jump and also so much more.
Therefore, pain located in this area can have very debilitating consequences for people suffering with hip related pain.
The most common causes of hip pain is osteoarthritis and trauma to the bone or surrounding tissues (muscles, ligaments etc.). Nevertheless, it can be related to other health conditions, such as other types of arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory diseases, like the inflammatory bowel disease.


Is Your Pain Truly Hip Pain?

Often what patients describe as “hip pain” may actually derive from a different part of the body. For example, pain caused from the dysfunction of lower back muscles and joints can be referred towards the hip joints and easily be confused with hip pain.
In addition, irritation of a nerve can cause pain in the low-back spine, buttocks, hips, as well as radiating leg pain, commonly known as sciatica.


We Can Help You!

During your chiropractic consultation, the source of your hip pain will be determined and with the recommended chiropractic treatment, which includes adjustments, exercise therapy, posture advice, stretching and massage, we aim to strengthen weakened muscles, reduce muscle spasm and stiffness, and improve the mobility of the joint, to eventually reduce your hip pain.


Hip Pain

Book your appointment to find how we can help with your pain!

1 session ≈30 minutes - €50

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